How to Become an Armored Truck Driver?

An armored truck driver is an armed guard who transports the money and the property from one location to the other.  Due to the high value of the items which the armored trucks transport, it is typical of the people associated with this occupation to take precautions such as putting on bulletproof vests.  The workers work in the offices and also inside the vehicles and most of their work includes traveling. In this job profile, there is a greater chance of the worker being injured or taken ill than any other field. Here are some steps that you need to take if you want to become a driver of armored truck.

armored trucks

Meet the Requirement of the State

The minimum requirement of a driver of armored trucks is being a high school graduate. Generally, the armored truck drivers are 21 years old. Nonetheless, the state might set lower minimum age requirement. Previously, driving experience or security varied from entry level to about three years.

You would like to keep a driver who has a clean criminal record. An armored truck driver should have valid license and a clean record all the times. The employment process will also require background checks which includes the reviews of their criminal background.

Licensed as a Security Professional

In majority of the areas, a guard has to be licenses by the license authority of the state.  As per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the applicants have to at least 18 years old to hold a driving license. Other requirements include the completion of classes regarding law enforcement topics.  In order to be the driver of the armored trucks, you will also have to criminal background check.  It is necessary to continue education if you want to renew your license of security personnel.

Get Firearms Permit or License

A state needs permit or license before a person might possess a weapon. Even though the drivers of armored trucks carry weapon, most of them should obtain firearms permit.  Permit or license requirements include passing over the firearms training course along with an FBI figure print check. In some of the states, the guard has to take training along with completing a continuing education to renew the firearms license.  

trucks armored

Certification for Career Advancement

Employees who are associated with security professional might want to consider certification to show the future employees the level of their skill. There are some institutes that offer PSP or Physical Security Professional Credential.  The candidates who have about six years of experience, a clean criminal record, and a high school diploma can take the certification exam to become the drivers of armored trucks. However, the bachelor degree holders need to have about four years of experience without a criminal conviction. Renewal will take place in every three years and needs you to have 45 continuing education credits every renewal period.

The armored truck drives transport property and money from one location to the other. They have the skill to observe, communicate, and take decisions. Hence, if you want to be become an armored truck driver, you have to ensure that you have these qualities.

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Captain Finn’s Seven Tips for Avoiding Shipwrecks

Captain Finn Andersen has been a professional mariner since 1965. Captain Finn holds a Master’s Certificate for coastal voyages, and has specialised training in firefighting, lifesaving and navigation. He likes to give advice, and has several tips for avoiding shipwrecks:

  1. Maintain constant vigilance.
    Always be aware.
  2. Keep a proper look-out. 
    Always keep a look out for your surroundings and other vessels.
  3. Use your charts and compass.
    By understanding and using your navigation tools, you can travel with safety.
  4. Fix your vessel’s position.
    Take regular bearings so that you are always aware of your location. GPS (Global Positioning System), horizontal sextant and radar or sight readings can help you do this.
  5. Put your fix on a chart.
    Keeping a record of your position can help you to avoid surprises such as unexpected land masses and currents.
  6. Proceed at a safe speed.
    Your vessel should travel at speeds that give you and other mariners time to change course.
  7. Follow collision regulations.
    Always understand and use the international rules of ocean travel.

And remember, the Sea Has No Mercy!

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How to find the best Toronto limousine service in 2019? 

People dream of a perfect wedding, without any compromises. They focus on the minute details, be it flowers or orchids, colors and the destination of marriage. When the question comes of hiring the best Toronto limo service for your wedding, they take equal care and attention in finding the right one. Needless to say, not all limousine services are the same. Before settling on a certain company, keep the following tips in your mind and decide judiciously since it’s not any other normal occasion, it’s your wedding day.

toronto limo service

Fix your budget

The amount you can invest in hiring a Toronto limo service depends on your total budget fixed for your wedding. Undoubtedly, you will be investing a major portion of your budget into your venue and food and decorations, the rest will be invested in hiring a limo service. But it is advised not to settle for any cheap and unprofessional limo service.

Research properly

There are multiple companies that offer limousine services nowadays. So before you finalize one company to manage your wedding, do your research properly taking the time. The limo service company that will finalize must include the following services:

Automobile collection

Do they provide options to choose vehicles of your choice? Choosing a vehicle of your choice is important since it has to match with your wedding theme. Also, you have to check if it can accommodate your wedding guests and family.


What amenities does the limousine service company offer with their vehicles? Check what’s included in the base price and what extra prices do you have to pay and for what.

toronto limo service


The first thing you should check after finalizing your vehicles is their availability. Other customers might already have booked them so make sure you don’t forget to check whether the vehicles are available on your big day. If not, go for other companies.


Choose a company that has enough experience in managing weddings and offer standard service.

Go through references and reviews 

This is a major deciding factor. Check the reviews on the company’s website. See what others think of their services, how were their hospitality and everything. You can take recommendations from your friends and relatives too if you find it difficult to choose one. For further inquiries, you should call the company. This is a fair means to check how accommodating the company is and how their staffs are.

toronto limo service

Visit the Toronto Limousine Service personally

Visit the Toronto limousine service company personally to make sure you like their dedication and way of dealing with events. You will also be able to check their staff members and know for sure whether they will provide you with the right assistance on your special day. Being there, you can also check the vehicles you have chosen, their functioning and maintenance.

Book Your Limousine service

After scanning through all the above-mentioned processes, it’s time to fix one limousine service of your choice. Select the best service company that provides you with all that you are looking for.

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Do You Really Need Roadside Assistance For Your Electric Vehicle?

You should already realize how beneficial it is to can vehicle emissions but lower operating costs if you are using an electric car.  Many electric cars are now being manufactured with the best quality of combustion engines but also electronics due to all the advantages.  These cars take over the market today as they are being demanded by even more people.

So what do you know? Like other vehicles out there, there are many difficulties for electric cars as well. In addition, Utah may also allow towing of roadside assistance for electric cars.

To order to progress securely, you must have a selection of the top towing service providers, no matter what level of vehicle you have. There is no need to have a complete list. Find out what kind of calgary towing company is often ready to help as well as being efficient and safe.

calgary towingRunning out of Battery

Whether you are going anywhere important as well as your electric vehicle is running out of battery, instead consider helping on a roadside.  Over the past few years, professionals it has focused on improving the quality for electric vehicle battery but have also decided to increase the device charge’s durability. It has not been achieved on a massive scale, though, and in calgary towing there are only certain public places where electric vehicles can potentially be recharged.  It’s hard for people to find a spot to recharge the battery whenever the battery runs out and into the electric car.

The core of the vehicle breaks down

Its situation in which the battery runs off your car isn’t as frustrating like when the chargers of your car dissolve.  It is easy to understand that there are better battery packs for new electric vehicles, but old metal car batteries also have the odds of crumbling and breaking, and because they need replacement at a certain point. We trust that the battery of your electric car will not break down while you ride on the road. In the event of such an event, you should name a towing agency to help on the highway in Utah

calgary towing

Electric vehicles also have trouble with their wheels, just like regular cars.  With either the aging process, an electric car’s tires can become exhausted but also wear out and might have to replace the pads and rotors. Electric cars are fitted with specific braking systems which monitor or prevent unnecessary deterioration.  No matter how sophisticated electric cars might be, there will still be some problem with their brakes and they will tell for repair and maintenance.

Issues with Tire

A battery powered car engine is much heavier than that of a normal diesel engine car’s engine even though the weight of such an electric car battery can be quite heavy.  In reality, this heaviness could put extra pressure & strain on the tyres, triggering wind resistance and increasing a flat tire chances.  Just as all types of car are facing problems related to the tires, electric vehicles are no exception to its rule.

In the Nutshell

Already you learn whenever you need roadside assistance for your electric vehicle in Utah. Try to ensure you call a reliable calgary towing service company to build sure your electric vehicle is in good health if you face the latter described issues.

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Bentley Coachbuilders Resuscitate a Vehicle Lost to War

Enthusiasts of British coachwork will without a doubt know the name Mulliner, the manufacturer in charge of the absolute most sexy autos ever to turn a wheel. Presently, on account of some customary coach builders abilities and a touch of karma, a vehicle that has been absent since 1939 ascents afresh.

Actually, it was the main 1939 Bentley Corniche made. It was an extreme advance forward in styling from the autos it was delivered during the 1920s and ’30s, presenting an idea called ‘streamlining’ during a time when most vehicles had the optimal design of an outbuilding entryway. This specific vehicle was seriously harmed in a car crash during French street tests, at which time it was sent for fixes to the Bentley plant in Derby.

1939 Bentley Corniche crash

coach builders

The episode of World War II scuppered any further designs and, indeed, the bodywork was devastated in a besieging assault on Dieppe later that equivalent year. With the metal lost, it took coach builders and history specialists a lot of time and exertion to develop the machine you find in these photos.

Mercedes Reveals New GLE 53 Coupe

coach builders

The most recent SUV from Mercedes-Benz, well, isn’t. It couldn’t be any more obvious, it’s not so much a…

1939 Bentley Corniche

best coach builder    

This undertaking was really begun quite a while prior by volunteers from the Foundations however was gotten house in February 2018 under the vigilant gaze of Hallmark, who requested it to be finished in 2019 to observe Bentley’s centennial. The undertaking normally tumbled to the Mulliner division, where since the 1970s coincidental autos have been worked for recognizing gatherers and Royalty, including two State Limousines made in 2002.

As Mulliner’s first notable vehicle venture, the Corniche has exhibited the full expansiveness of the division’s coachbuilding and reclamation aptitudes and abilities. Utilizing just the first specialized drawings and the aptitudes of the people of Mulliner – which is currently Bentley’s in-house bespoke and coachbuilding division – this extraordinary vehicle has been modified in Crewe utilizing unique Corniche mechanical parts and a totally re-made body. It is said to be indistinguishable in everything about the first.

“We have exceptionally gifted skilled workers inside Mulliner and around the remainder of Bentley Motors, and they all have huge pride in what they’ve accomplished with this vehicle.”

The Corniche will show up at the sweet Salon Privé at Blenheim Palace in September, an area at which we assume pants and shirts are not permitted. It’ll join Bentley’s Heritage armada, which as of now incorporates WO Bentley’s 8 Liter.

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Shortlisting the Requirements Needed to Qualify as a Crane Operator

Today, one of the most demanding careers in Canada is that of boom trucks and crane operators. With the older generation moving towards retirement, the need for qualified workers to fill the gaps is driving the construction industry into frenzy.

So, if you wish to earn good cash in a stable job, consider becoming a boom truck or crane operator.

In fact, if you don’t know where to start, this article can be of assistance. Check out the steps to take if you wish to build a career in crane operating.

boom trucks

Read on:

  1. Pick the Crane You Wish to Operate

Whether it is boom trucks, tower cranes, or mobile cranes you need to find out which will suit your purpose best. To understand this here’s breaking down the 3 types of cranes.

  • Tower Cranes

Tower cranes are built by construction companies at the work site and are usually attached to the ground via concrete. These can lift up to more than 13 tones.

  • Mobile Cranes

These come attached to a vehicle and can move from one location to another. A mobile crane can lift up to 13 tons and is most applicable for moderate constructions.

  • Boom trucks

Combining the mechanisms of hydraulics, a boom truck is most suited to work in construction sites dealing with skyscrapers. These are mobile and can carry up to 18 tons of weight.

  1. Understand Province-Specific Needs

Different provinces have specific requirements when it comes to becoming a crane operator. One province may require a special course along with learning through apprenticeship. While certain provinces in Canada allow direct apprenticeship without involving certification degrees, it is best to enroll in a crane operating training program to understand the mechanisms of cranes best.

For example, let’s suggest that you have got an interest in boom trucks than to get your crane operator license form a reputed company it’s best to take the Red Seal certification exam. This consists of a 4-hour long apprentice exam which ensures a certified license once you qualify it with 70% marks.

boom truck company

  1. Go for a Crane Operator & Apprentice Training Program

As mentioned to specialize in crane operating the best solution is to go for a crane operator and apprentice program. The crane operator program will teach you every nook and cranny of operating cranes like mobile, boom and tower cranes.

Further, after you learn the basic ropes, under the apprentice program you can learn practically under licensed crane operators and build your knowledge on crane mechanism and ministrations.

  1. Pass the Crane Operator License Test

Last, but not the least, to finally practice as legal crane operator, you need your license for the trade. To achieve this, you need to pass the crane operator license exam. This requires firstly answering out questions in theory. Secondly, in the practical field, you’ll need to operate a crane in the presence of test proctor. Once they verify your capabilities, you can get the driving license for the vehicle and become qualified as a crane operator.

So, you go whether it is boom trucks, mobile or tower cranes, find which suits your needs best and get a certified license to practice as a crane operator today.

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Puncture in a Rental Car – What to do?

Getting a puncture on your Toronto car rental can be a bit of a nightmare. It might cost you a lot of money. The question is what happens with the rental if you happen to be unfortunate enough to get a puncture. The only answer is that you are liable for the cost of replacement and repair even if you are going to give the care back at the end of the trip.

toronto car rental

Things You Need to Check

  • Is the car tire punctured?
  • Will you still be able to drive the car safely?
  • Do you have a spare wheel?
  • Will you be able to fit the spare wheel?

What are You Going to Do Next?

  • You can re-inflate the tire if you do not find any signs of damage or puncture in the car from the Scarborough car rental.
  • In case it has been punctured, will it be safe for you to fit the spare wheel?
  • If yes then change the wheel and get the tire replaced.
  • If no then call a rental agent for some breakdown assistance.

What is It Going to Cost?

If you return the care with a damaged tire or an incomplete repair, the Toronto car rental is going to charge you for the cost of replacement tire along with the admin charge. This has to be the pre-defined charge in the rental agreement as the cost of the tire of different types of car is going to vary. Thus, a fixed rate will not be applicable. car rental in toronto

In case you get a puncture in the Toronto car rental, it is highly likely that it is going to be during the trip and whatever the price amounts to, you will want to get it replaced or repaired so that you are able to carry on with your journey. You also need to check the car for spare wheel. However, many modern model and makes do not carry any spare or repair kit designed to get a tire repair center for replacement. In case you are not confident using the kit, you should get in touch with a rental car agent for some assistance regarding this matter. If you are confident enough to use the kit, you can do it and move towards the closest repair center.

If you do have a puncture, you can repair it rather than replacing it.  A repair might be much cheaper than the replacement. However, if you have to get the tire replaced, it has to be in line with the terms and conditions of the rental agent.

Low Tire Pressure Light

Present day cars are fitted with tire pressure sensors that alert the drivers to change the tire pressure. This often signals a puncture. Nonetheless, these systems aren’t full proof and it is not that uncommon for morning light to come when there isn’t any puncture. If the pressure warning light comes out of the Toronto car rental, stop when it is possible and manually check the tires for some obvious damages. Nonetheless, if everything appears fine then you need to continue with your journey to the closest fuel station where you can check the pressure and inflate, as you deem fit.

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