Captain Finn’s Seven Tips for Avoiding Shipwrecks

Captain Finn Andersen has been a professional mariner since 1965. Captain Finn holds a Master’s Certificate for coastal voyages, and has specialised training in firefighting, lifesaving and navigation. He likes to give advice, and has several tips for avoiding shipwrecks:

  1. Maintain constant vigilance.
    Always be aware.
  2. Keep a proper look-out. 
    Always keep a look out for your surroundings and other vessels.
  3. Use your charts and compass.
    By understanding and using your navigation tools, you can travel with safety.
  4. Fix your vessel’s position.
    Take regular bearings so that you are always aware of your location. GPS (Global Positioning System), horizontal sextant and radar or sight readings can help you do this.
  5. Put your fix on a chart.
    Keeping a record of your position can help you to avoid surprises such as unexpected land masses and currents.
  6. Proceed at a safe speed.
    Your vessel should travel at speeds that give you and other mariners time to change course.
  7. Follow collision regulations.
    Always understand and use the international rules of ocean travel.

And remember, the Sea Has No Mercy!

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Toronto Car Repair Can Repair All Accident Dents

In order to get the dent removed you can get in touch with a Toronto car repair company. You can get the dents removed from your car with the help of some DIY tricks. But it would be better if you take it to a body shop or a mechanic that works in any leading car repair shops. This is because they have wide years of experience in car repairs and can easily do the task of dent removal in a professional manner.

Can it be fixed?

One of the first things that you need to ask a car repair shop in Toronto is that “can the accident dents on the car be fixed?”

Well, the answer to this question will solely depend after a thorough examination of the dent by the car repairing experts. Basically, any kind of dent can be easily repaired by them. Thanks to the advancement of various tools that are available in the market.

Usually, accident dents can be of any size, it can be big or small. While small dents can be easily fixed but for bigger dents some major reconstruction work might be needed.

Paintless Dent Repair

The Toronto car repair shop’s can repair the dent of a vehicle easily. If slight amount of paint has been removed from the car, the car repair shop can carry out Paintless Dent Repair. If possible the mechanic will try to repair the dents without repainting the area. In order to do this job they will tweak the surface of the car without making use of any new repair

Another popular method to get rid of the smaller dents is through the process of suction and pulling. However, complex dents that come with scratches are needed to be treated carefully.

Repair with Paint

In case of major dents where PDR may not work, repainting might be needed.  Many Toronto car repair shops may offer paint matching services. Sometimes in order to repair the dents the repair shops may use fillers and sanding tools. Using these tools can easily help to restore the old look of the car.


Some accident dents on the car might be easy to replace than getting it fixed. Any reputed mechanic of leading auto repair shop can easily carry out the replacement task. For example, broken panel can be easily replaced but before that the bent framework needs to be fixed. The Toronto car repair shop can provide best solutions only after assessing the damage of the car.

Experienced technicians who work at the best car repair shop can easily get the dents fixed or replaced as per requirement. Thereby, helping to get back a new look for the car.


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